Practice areas

Contract law

  • Contracts of individuals

  • International contracts and transactions

  • Rental and leasing contracts

  • Banking and insurance contracts

  • Financing and acquiring of real estate

Inheritance law

  • Estate planning (testamentary wills)

  • Domestic and international family matters

  • Marriage agreements and inheritance agreements

  • Execution of wills and estate management

  • Representation of heirs

Social insurances

  • Employment agreements and regulations

  • Termination of employment relationships, leave of absences, termination agreements

  • Conflicts at the workplace (mobbing, sexual harassment etc.)

  • Application for work and residence permits

  • Negotiations with labour market and immigration authorities

  • Compulsory insurance

  • Insurance contributions

  • Coordination of insurance benefits     

  • International coordination

  • Negotiations with social insurances

Set up

a business

  • Advising on legal structure

  • Development and examination of constitutive documents

  • Conducting negotiations with business partners and authorities

  • Preparation of necessary documents and contracts

Road traffic law

  • Traffic violations

  • Suspension of driver's license

Intellectual property and IT

  • Copyright law

  • Art law

  • Publishing law

  • License agreements

  • IT contracts

  • Data protection